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The Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Sanger opened on September 26, 2003.

This building was built in Sanger in 1898 as the O.M. Gentle Hardware Store. During the years you could find Farmall Tractors for sale here right next to Ford Automobiles.

The rounded parts of our cashier stand are actually real wagon wheel hubs. The hanging lights came from an old school house on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas. The tables and chairs have all come from other restaurants and homes. The boat in the dining room is a “made by Cruiser” model. Built in 1959, it spent most its life on Tablerock Lake in Missouri.

We have some additional tidbits to share when you’re sittin’ in the dining room – just ask to see our Babe’s Facts while you’re finishing up your salad.

202 North 4th St
Sanger, TX 76266
(940) 458-0000