Vision & Values

We teach our vision and values to all of our people. We also try our best to operate by them and even live by them each and every day. As a guest or future guest of ours, we just thought you ought to know how we approach managing our business, working with our people and serving you.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leader in our industry through the quality of our food, our outstanding service and the positive impact we have on everyone we touch.

For our guests – We want to greatly exceed expectations and create lasting memories that bring people closer together. They should depart feeling like members of our family eager to return.

For our people – We want to serve everyone in our restaurant family by being a source of optimism, inspiration, Christian values, ethical teaching and unique opportunity.

For our business partners – We want everyone from the executives to the delivery drivers to be pleased and proud of their association with our company.

We are determined to reach for this vision in a manner consistent with Christian values and ethics.

Our Company Values

As a family owned business, our company values come primarily from our Christian faith and our desire to model Christian ethics. While we are far from perfect, we believe that trying to act with these values in mind is not only the key to our company’s success, but also for all of us personally. Regardless of your faith or religious beliefs, we believe you can benefit by trying to practice these values in all aspects of your life.

Our Actions

Act with integrity, always – the foundation for respect
Practice and reward honesty – strong leadership begins here
Be sincere – a caring attitude disarms anger
Remain humble – remember that success is not an entitlement
Keep your sense of humor – know how to laugh at yourself

Our Treatment of Others

Follow the golden rule – “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you” Luke 6:31 New American Standard Bible
Act with compassion for others – even when they don’t seem to deserve it
React with forgiveness – but do not condone apathy
Demonstrate a servant’s heart – putting others before yourself is a strength, not a weakness

Our Personal Priorities

Take care of yourself – protect your health, nourish your spiritual well-being and keep your family relationships strong
Practice self-discipline – deny yourself an extravagance today for something greater tomorrow
Maintain a learning attitude – if you’re learning, you’re moving forward
Take personal responsibility – you control your own happiness and well-being
Be thankful in everything – difficult times build character

Our Pursuit of Success

Have passion for what you do – key to happiness and success
Treat the business as your own – you will make better decisions
Aim to exceed expectations – guests notice and your boss will not forget it
Develop a strong work ethic – to make the most of yourself
Improve constantly – settling for status quo is the first step into decline